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January 20th, 2009

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12:13 am - Wishing you well, Barack
Here's hoping our new president gets the help he needs to get some serious work done while he's in office. I'm optimistic because he's aware that the real work is still ahead, and it has nothing to do with a playoff system in college football. He knows he can't to it alone, either. Making history is nice, and I love that he has a way with words, but governing is about so much more than being a historical footnote. The more contrasts we can make between him and Bush once Obama's time in the White House is over, whenever that is, the better. We don't want to be saying four years from now that his momentum stalled before he could effect real change. Now that he's on top of the world, we'll see how high he can help everyone reach.

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Wishing you well, Barack - The Lowdown in Chitown

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